A Newborn Session with Us.

By October 25, 2021 Top Tens

After you’ve been booked in with us, we usually send out a Welcome Booklet that helps guide you through a relaxing and enjoyable experience in an exciting time your lives. One of the things we talk about is how to get baby partway to that dreamy stage that permits us to capture some gorgeous photos.⠀ Working side by side, we always ensure the safety of your newborn as top priority and never force any poses.   We always read and attune to what baby is comfortable with,  letting baby lead and they will tell us when its time for feed or when they’ve had enough of the shoot.   This comes from many years of experience,  as our past clients will tell you, we are known as baby whisperers.

When preparing for a newborn session, particularly in the winter, is to warm up the space we are shooting in. When shooting in the studio or travelling to parents’ home, we ask mom and dad to turn up the room temperature to ensure baby is nice and cozy. A space heater also does wonders and helps to simulate body warmth that baby is accustomed to during the first few weeks of birth. During those much-needed skin to skin contact and snuggles. A hot water bottle under several layers of blankets does wonders and puts the baby in a lull, making posing much easier. In between takes, we ask mom to feed and top up baby so that they can stay warm and fuzzy. These are just some of the few things to keep baby right at home during our newborn session with us. Along with baby, you’ll feel right at home with some hot beverage, snacks and Wi-Fi to binge on Netflix or be right at home to nap on our couch, one of the preferred choices for tired parents.



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