By May 20, 2021 Behind Our Scenes

We’ve come along way, and we are still continuing to grow.

A look into the past, we continued to discuss our goals for this year. One of the decisions was, what we want to continue to photograph and grow. And the truth is, it crossed our minds that maybe we wanted to discontinue or step back from Newborn sessions. We love the candid natural photos, hence started our sister brand Lemons & Ants Lifestyle. We questioned whether this still fits into that overall plan. But ultimately, our love for these sessions won over. Newborn sessions can be long and intense (sessions usually last up to 3 hours or more) but also very beautiful. Where we get to wrap, soothe and rock baby. Seeing their little expressions, the excitement when a smile breaks out (even though we know better what is happening at that moment 😂). It takes us back to our own children’s first days and a sense of nostalgia sinks in. With our lifestyle brand we get to grow with our babies as they grow older and continue to shoot our families as they grow. Documenting life at home with young and older children alike.

The reactions from mom and dad, despite how exhausted they are, is priceless. The bright smiles that break out every time a baby is posed in a setup. The little squeals of delight from mom seeing how adorable their little is baby. And talking with mom and dad about their experience, from pregnancy to delivery. How they are handling things, it’s a second chance for us to enjoy and reflect on how parenthood bonds all parents no matter how much our backgrounds differ.

Naturally, the conversation led us to reminisce about our past and especially how we began. 😃

This little one in the first photo was our first Newborn session who is also our sweet little nephew. He was almost one month old here and we were terrified of handling him. He didn’t sleep a wink but was happy enough to be our model. He is now preparing to go to JK this coming September – how time flies and how much he has grown.

And the 2nd photo is of another sweet newborn from a session last year. From a comparison of the two, there are ways of how our wrapping, posing and technical skills have changed but one thing that doesn’t change over time is how important these photos are to the baby’s loved ones.