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Importance of Printing

To our new parents and/or siblings-to-be:

A question that comes up frequently: what led us to do what we do. As a newborn focused photographers, Our mission is to document the recollection of your newborn. To help recount your family’s narrative and to deliver this in a beautifully handcrafted artwork.

In our early childhood years, we’ve spent a notable amount of time combing through our family’s photo archives. Deciphering what was happening in each picture and asking our parent’s numerous questions. Trying to learn more about our family history and the dynamics amongst our connection; to make sense of it all. We’re seeing how young our parents were and wonder what they were like. Imagining a much simpler time before ours. From this experience, we wanted the same for our children. That tangible impression of a printed photograph, being able to thumb through each snapshot. The impact each image makes is priceless. We started dedicating time to finding timeless pieces that can be displayed on a wall or heirloom albums that can be flipped through with your little ones. Printed images have now become the focus of our company. We wanted to ensure each client leaves the session, not just with digital files, but with something they can enjoy in their homes. We know life passes by in a flash, particularly time with your precious one. All we can do is preserve the memories that show our children a little about their family legacy. While digital files are great as a backup, they are not permanent and the medium it sits on has a limited lifespan. It comes down to where you want your memoirs to remain. On a USB drive, it will likely be stored in a drawer somewhere, forgotten and never shown the light of day. On your cellphone, will your children and family members have access to your picture gallery? Will they have access to your account indefinitely? Will they be able to scroll through thousands of quick selfies to get to the important snapshots, buried with time. While you can obtain the digitals to create and print the pictures yourself, you may not necessarily have the time nor the resource to find a quality lab that can deliver the images in its full glory. This is where a professional photographer comes into play. We have the means to be able to produce and deliver the desired results. Using our experience and know-how to leverage the best quality and finishes.

When you partner up with Lemons & Ants Studios, what you sign up for, is the most enjoyable experience of having your photos taken. Which is then transformed into heirloom pieces of art to showcase in your home.

 Story Board Story Board

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We’ve come along way, and we are still continuing to grow.

A look into the past, we continued to discuss our goals for this year. One of the decisions was, what we want to continue to photograph and grow. And the truth is, it crossed our minds that maybe we wanted to discontinue or step back from Newborn sessions. We love the candid natural photos and questioned whether this still fits into that overall plan. But ultimately, our love for these sessions won over. Newborn sessions can be long and intense (sessions usually last up to 3 hours or more) but also very beautiful. Where we get to wrap, soothe and rock baby. Seeing their little expressions, the excitement when a smile breaks out (even though we know better what is happening at that moment 😂). It takes us back to our own children’s first days and a sense of nostalgia sinks in.

The reactions from mom and dad, despite how exhausted they are, is priceless. The bright smiles that break out every time a baby is posed in a setup. The little squeals of delight from mom seeing how adorable their little is baby. And talking with mom and dad about their experience, from pregnancy to delivery. How they are handling things, it’s a second chance for us to enjoy and reflect on how parenthood bonds all parents no matter how much our backgrounds differ.

Naturally, the conversation led us to reminisce about our past and especially how we began. 😃

This little one in the first photo was our first Newborn session who is also our sweet little nephew. He was almost one month old here and we were terrified of handling him. He didn’t sleep a wink but was happy enough to be our model. He is now preparing to go to JK this coming September – how time flies and how much he has grown.

And the 2nd photo is of another sweet newborn from a session last year. From a comparison of the two, there are ways of how our wrapping, posing and technical skills have changed but one thing that doesn’t change over time is how important these photos are to the baby’s loved ones.


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Organic, Natural With A Dash Of Sweet Smiles

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, and this has been sitting in our archives, and we stumbled upon a particular session and decided we needed to revive some of these posts that never seemed to get published.

As mom and dad seemed to favour the earthy and spring tones from our portfolio, we stuck to these same ideas for these sweet little one’s sessions.  From the beginning he was a charmer, flashing his smile after smile, almost on command –  what more could we complain about.  He even gave us a chance to use the new (at the time but already much beloved) fawn bonnet & lovey on a rich coat of chocolate fur.  We couldn’t have finished off with more gorgeous family photos with mom still glowing from her recent pregnancy.  We were also very honoured to learn that they chose us to be their photographers after mom’s sister (also a popular Newborn Photographer back home in India) couldn’t do it as she had also recently given birth.

 Lemons & Ants Studios Sage with Cotton Plush Lemons & Ants Studios Sage with Cotton Plush  Smiling Newborn Smiling Newborn  Grey Tones wrapped Grey Tones wrapped  Baby Fawn, curled up in fur Baby Fawn, curled up in fur  The moment a child is born, a mother is born also. — Rajneesh The moment a child is born, a mother is born also. — Rajneesh  a new family as one a new family as one

Sleep Deprived

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Sleep Deprivation – The Huge & the Ugly Monster

We have been trying to consistently post in our blog on a weekly basis with Monday being the target but as it was Caleb’s 5th birthday last week, things were a bit busier than usual.  And every time the kid’s birthdays come around all the memories of their times as babies start emerging again.  Caleb’s birth was particularly an emotional one (maybe more about that later) but one of the things that always comes up for me is the Sleep Program we did – not for Caleb but for Abel as things were pretty difficult back then with two young kids and another little one coming along.  I would go as far as saying it probably saved my life back then – Ellie and Caleb were taking turns waking up every hour throughout the night and as much as Anthony tried, they only wanted mommy. From a recommendation from a friend who had experience with the company, I booked the Sleep Nurture program with Precious Moments Babeez.

This Sleep Nurturing program is only for the younger babies under 3 months old) which uses very gentle methods of shaping babies into a sleep routine.  And it worked wonders for Abel – he was sleeping overnight by probably about 8 weeks.  And all their tips & “tricks” are things we applied (and still do!) to our older two and now our Newborn Sessions – they were the ones who introduced us to the sound machine, shushing & soothing and pacifiers.

They do of course have an older Sleep Training program and here’s more info from Debbie Fazio, CEO & Founder:

The Sleepy Babeez program is heavily based on schedules, routines, impeccable feeds and ideal room environment among a few other important criteria.

We have a program for babies under 16 weeks called Sleep Nurturing and another for babies over 16 weeks called Sleep Training or Teaching.

Both programs focus on ensuring a great room environment, routines, feeds and schedules which help build the foundation of good long-term sleep habits however the main difference between the 2 programs is how much help the parent offers to the child. With babies under 16 weeks, we want parents to support their Childs sleep learning by assisting them hands-on in helping them to calm and consolidate sleep. With babies over 16 weeks, we may need to break some habits they have to learn and reinstall new habits by supporting independent sleep.

In fact, we love them so much that we have approached them recently to partner up and we offer a great special for the Newborn Session to their registered clients.

We know not everyone may agree with sleep training and that’s okay but for us, sleep deprivation was a huge and ugly monster and without this program, I’m not really sure how I would have gotten through those early days.  Consider contacting, Precious Moments Babeez, if this is an issue you face – and especially for working moms, it’s more than okay to get some help:


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Definitely one of our staples needs during our newborn session! We always ask parents to bring one to the session to help calm the baby and send them off to dreamland. This is especially important during any of the more difficult poses as their little necks just don’t have the support and staying asleep will ensure we get through the pose safely.

Of course, we can understand new parents’ hesitation in using one. But they don’t get addicted after a one-time use for 2-3 hours so the choice is still theirs if they want to have the paci as part of their newborn life.

A lot of parents also tell us their babies don’t take it. One of the tricks we have up our sleeve is to stroke the pacifier against the roof of their mouths which will stimulate their sucking reflexes (same idea as in breastfeeding).

This one is our go-to brand – in the newborn size of course (we stock brand new ones in the studio in case they’re forgotten). The Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier.

We love this one as it’s easy to hold, easy to clean and you can stick your baby finger underneath it to help direct the paci into the baby’s mouth and start that sucking!

Using the soother as part of your newborn’s everyday routine is a very personal choice and we don’t think there’s really any right or wrong.  For us personally, we chose to introduce it to all 3 of our kids.  And each experience was slightly different.

Ellie our oldest, loved the pacifier and was honestly a lifesaver for us – it got her to sleep so many nights and naps (which was the only time we let her use it – for sleeping).  She eventually dropped the habit on her own at 3 months old when she found her thumb :)

Caleb was completely different, he loved his soother so much too and still kept at it past 3 months.  We knew it had to go through when at 3 months old, mommy was waking up every hour to put that damn thing back in the mouth!  We decided enough was enough and cut him cold turkey, he screamed for 4-5 days overnight and then become the perfect sleeper he never was!  He also eventually became a thumb sucker like big sis!

Abel took to the pacifier at about 2 weeks as it was part of the sleep nurturing program we had subscribed too (more on that in a future post!) and like Ellie, dropped it naturally at about 3-4 months when he found his “bummie” (his baby talk attempt at saying “blankie” which has stuck :))  Surprisingly he’s the only little Chan who does not suck his thumb although he certainly makes those sucking sounds while holding his bummie.  LOL.

 Newborn Twin Boys Newborn Twin Boys  Newborn Portraits Newborn Portraits