Running a successful business themselves, Lia & Taris didn’t have time to research for a newborn photographer before the birth of their first little boy and immediately was searching the internet for newborn photographers. Being an artist herself, she really connected with our work when she came across our website.  She could see how well thought out our images were and understood how we balanced out the colours.  

We moved quickly for them and scheduled a session within days of contact.  We travelled to their home so that it was less stressful for Lia and Taris’ busy work schedule.

Poor little Sebastian had a particularly tough time during the session; he was suffering from gas, which made it extremely difficult for him to fall into sleep.  It was also why mom was so exhausted already.  But we charged on, and he finally fell asleep towards the end of the session

Once the session was complete,  we invited mom and dad back into our studio to view the images.  They were ecstatic, and we guided them through our process on what to print.   From this,  they picked several print products for their home and cottage as well as gifts for their family (in time for Christmas).

They were in love with all the images and prints and came back a short month later to do Baby’s First Christmas photos!