When To Book Your Newborn Lifestyle?

In an ideal world, we would suggest reaching out to us 1-2 months before your baby’s due date. This is so we can meet up and get to know each other a little bit during the initial consultation, have some time to get through all the administrative stuff such as contract review and signing and retainer. We will also have some time by now to start working together to plan for the baby’s session – where to shoot in your home.  We understand not all homes are big enough or tidy enough,  and none of this is a requirement to shoot at home.  We normally set up a time so that we can pay a visit to your home and have a look around to see which rooms are the best fit.  Normally we would shoot in your bedroom, the nursery and perhaps a space in the living room.  This is the best stress-free way of booking and planning for your newborn session.

But, of course, life is seldom perfectly on schedule and you may end up only thinking about your newborn lifestyle session with a couple of weeks to go or even not until just after baby’s born when you see how quickly they grow. And that’s okay, please reach out! We will work with you and guide you along so that you don’t miss out on this newborn stage!

When Is The Session Done?

The sweet spot of a newborn lifestyle is before baby’s 15th day birthday as during the first 2 weeks of baby’s life, they are just a bit sleepier and those pesky little things like gas or acne usually haven’t reared its head yet. Now, if you need an extra few more days, don’t fret, we’ve photographed plenty of “older” babies who are awesome sleepers and posers! However, we have babies that cry all the way, which is entirely okay, because it showcases life with a new baby home and what it was like in the early years.   Perfectly capturing life as it is.  And if Acne has reared its head? No problem! Head over to our IG Account where we have some posts of BEFORE AND AFTER edits if acne becomes an issue.

Where Is The Session Done?

A Lifestyle session is normally done in your home as it showcases the charm of your home and your family can feel at ease as you are in your most comfortable environment.    This is a wonderful way to shoot and it shows life at home with your new baby.  Documenting this special time in your new family, using your home as the backdrop for the setting.

How Does The Session Get Scheduled?

After the contract is signed and the retainer received, we’re on call for you until baby’s arrival! Upon baby’s appearance, we ask you to contact us at the hospital to let us know how you’re all doing and then schedule the session accordingly!

What Should We Do With the Photos?

We’re all busy parents with the best intentions, we all have our own to-do list that we think we’ll tackle. But the days go by and there are just more pressing matters for us to tend to. And before you know it, our images are still sitting on that USB key or hard drive. For those of you who had wedding photos done, have you printed and put up anything to enjoy? Do you still know where your digital images are?? (Hey, we’re the photographers but we’re guilty of this as well!)

Jpegs just don’t last forever, the USB key or the hard drive it sits on will FAIL over time.  

It is with this in mind as parents ourselves and with the first-hand experience from our previous clients, that we decided to source out a beautiful collection of archival heirloom printed products. We will walk you through each step in picking the best print products for you to enjoy your images every day in your home. And the best part? You will be able to hand these off to baby one day too so that they can continue to enjoy these family memories!


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