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Lemons & Ants Toronto Newborn Photographers

As parents of three young children, our photographic journey began about 6 years ago and was inspired by how quickly things moved and changed with these little humans. We wanted to soak in every little detail including the laughter, soft smiles and big dramatic cries. And soon after we found ourselves chronicling the magical memories for parents wanting the same for their families.

We fell in love with Newborn Portraiture really quickly soon after. Working with newborn babies is magical and we’re so honoured by every set of parents who will allow us to be part of this precious time in their lives. Having gone through it three times ourselves, we remember the intense exhaustion that often accompanies it but triumphing over it is the giddy intoxication of caring for this little human being who is a mini replicate of you.

With this in mind, we wanted to give our clients the best of the best and so we went for the certification into the APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International). This involved months of intense submissions as we would be judged on everything from Newborn Safety, Lighting & Composition to Technical Camera skills.

As partners in business and life, we’ve spent the better part of 10 years attuning to each other and we often find ourselves naturally complementing each other to give you a well-rounded perspective of the
day. As photographers, we see ourselves as storytellers and often your new story begins on this day.

Anthony & Le Man



Toronto Newborn Family Photographer. Album Designer and Producer of Heirloom Wall Portraits.